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I think to say that my summer has been the greatest but also the most tragic hodge-podge of experiences would be a very comprehensive description. I've, essentially, been ill for basically the whole summer. I've been in and out of hospital, had a blood transfusion, had so many needles stuck in my arm that I fear that the line between me being perpetually afraid or completely numbed to the feeling has been blurred forever, and yet I have survived and I am here, in the United States to tell the tale.

I'm halfway through my last week in the United States and although I had initially intended to blog all my exciting adventures of the past 5 weeks to keep you all up to date, I am here, 4.5 weeks later and yet to have shared anything. My blog has been lying dormant, in hibernation, inactive and feeling neglected due to the fact that I was still ill upon arrival and was ever so conveniently prescribed by the doctor to "refrain from exerting energy" *eye-roll*, BUT ALAS, with 2 weeks left and things looking and feeling bleak, my body decided that it would put me out of my misery and coupled with the advice of a cool American lady doctor I quickly became fit to become a certified adventurer again!


Philadelphia was such a beautiful city with so much history! There was a constant feeling of surreality walking on streets filled with so much history, having learned about them beforehand. Being the w@cKasS & ~lame~ history geek that I am, my ultimate goals for the day were to stroll around Old City visiting all the super historic points and also going to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

the (back of the) liberty bell
Having learned about the Liberty Bell and how it had been a symbol of liberty and freedom for so many different movements such as the women's suffrage movement and the abolition of slavery, I was beyond excited to see this beautifully symbolic artefact in person.

betsy ross's humble abode

These are some houses on Elfreth's Alley, which is the oldest continuously inhabited residential street, dating back to 1702. That's 313 years *o*!!

a super rad play area outside the Museum of Art

Towards the end of the day we visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art as they were doing a "pay what you wish" deal that evening. which we can all agree is an offer that can hardly be passed up. In the short and rushed time that we had, we were able to see paintings by Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, and Diego Rivera, among others.

my mom was all like "people need to know you were here, get in a picture dammit!!" at this point

Rocky is such a major symbol of Philadelphia that he has his own statue outside the Museum of Art, where the steps that he runs up during the movie is! I walked up these stairs to go to the Museum and in 34 degree heat at a steady pace of, say, 1 step per 4 seconds, give or take, I felt like a slug whose end was near, leaving me in a state of unprecedented awe at those who were able to run up the steps, paying homage to this well-known character. 

New York

New York was as New York has been - a dream. Walking up out of the underground train station and taking a deep breath of the musty and thick air was as I imagined. I totally felt I was where I belonged. Having spent all my time in the suburban areas of New Jersey, as well as in Pennsylvania, being in a city with construction noise and loud cars with impatient drivers and people walking around with an aim and a humidity that felt artificial, it was so refreshingly busy!!! I especially could not get over the colours!! So many bright colours!!!

If you look closely, you can literally see my name in lights on Times Square. I have quite literally, made it. 
The Empire State Building was being all peek-a-boo in the background

Me and my long ass arms being that kinda tourist

We took the free Staten Island Ferry to Staten Island and back so we could get an A+ view of the NYC skyline and the Statue of Liberty, and also because it was freEeEEEe!!

I've visited Ellis Island and Liberty Island once before, 8 years ago, and although we didn't go to these islands again, it was nice to pay Lady Liberty a visit again, even if I was one mile from her.

And so that concludes it. Philly and NYC have been checked off my travel list. These two trips being the highlight of my whole vacation/year/life/existence, I can now continue to float around happily on cloud 9 for the remainder of my existence. For now, it's a very heavy-hearted farewell to Philadelphia and New York City, until we meet again.

lyric in title - Suitcase by Chance the Rapper ft. Vic Mensa

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  1. Photos are beautiful, glad you're feeling slightly better! x

  2. Amazing photos, you definitely captured the busy-ness (is that a word??) of New York! I love your outfits too x

    1. It's crazy hard not to capture the busy-ness of NY, when it's such an insanely busy city! Thanks, man! x

  3. Ah Victory your photographs are so perfect and gorgeous! It all looks so amazing and you look beautiful as always! x

  4. These photos are so nice, and it sounds like you had an awesome time :)


  5. Such a beautiful photograph especially those scenery. Glad you had fun! :D


  6. Ahh coolio! Can't wait to visit NYC and Philadelphia was the setting of one of my favourite movies as a kid :) xoxo


    1. You're honestly going to fall in love with city, and Philly is the coolest! x

  7. Ahhh so excited for you victory!!!!!! I love these photos, and you look so cute and stylish in every one! I'm actually planning on visiting Philly and NYC this fall and this post has me looking that much more forward to it! So happy you got to experience this trip x

    1. Thank you so much, Kaylee!! Ahhh, man, NYC and Philly are so great, you're honestly gonna luuuuurve it so much + NYC and Philly in fall will be so pretty! x

  8. I saw your posts on instagram and I was so sad you got sick on this trip!!! But it's so great that you got back up on your feet!!! These pictures are an absolute dream, hope you had so so so much fun!!!!

    1. It's honestly so great to be feeling somewhat better, and thank uUu so much Josselyn!!

  9. hope you're swiftly recovering!! these photos are awesome and the whole trip looks incredible x

  10. AAA You look stunning! I am in love with your casual outfit! Do you want to support each other’s blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you’s like to so I can follow you right back x


  11. So happy that you loved NYC! You definitely captured the hustle and bustle, the Times Square ones are my fav!



  12. Looks like you're having such an amazing time in America, I love your photos. I'm glad that you were well enough to go in the end!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you so much! It was a seriously incredible trip! x

  13. But did you LICK the liberty bell??? Just kidding, this is so cool!!! I'm glad you had fun on this trip! I was just in new york a couple months ago, how could would it have been if we went at the same time?????

    anyways, these outfits are soon amazing and I love everything about these photos. Did you visit the village at all? Definitely my favourite part of NY!

    (っ♥︎◡♥︎)っ sonjatitanic

    1. This brings me back to Madrid and how close, yet so far we were from possibly meeting, which leads me to think about how the universe quite obviously wants us to be together, but for some unknown reason is hesitating to let us. I think it could have to do with how detrimental to human life it would be when our insanely magical auras finally collide, but, hey, that's just my two cents. Anyways, thanks, man and no we didn't *sniffle* BUT next time and who knows, maybe we'll go together [*cough* @universe *cough*]


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