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It's now officially March and unofficially Spring. I've successfully made it through 2 months of 2015 and have been sorta sticking to 68% of what I told myself I would do this year. I'm pretty proud of myself so far. I decided that this post would be sort of a favourite books, movies, and music from the months of January and February, to half remind myself of the books, movies, and music that I've loved so far and to let you guys know what I have been loving.

I've read one book this year, a novel. The list of books I want to read is growing, but I've been putting off reading until I've completed my English essay on Pride & Prejudice which I've been procrastinating reading. The one book I've read was due to the unexpected surprise of my library having it and me caving in. It's Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. This book was so perfect and has made it's way to the top of my favourite reads list. I'm Nigerian and black so I understood a lot of what was being said and what the characters were referring too, which made it super special to me. It's a love story, but also deals with a lot of issues concerning race and leaving your own country and identity and it's perfect for a lot of people to understand what a lot of black people and immigrants deal with. Super informative and cute, and I whole-heartedly recommend it. 

Ok, so before I start, I feel like I should tell you guys that I am not a movie or TV person. They're just not my thing. I'm the person who falls asleep during movies and finishes a TV season halfway through, I'm bad. I envy all you movie/TV people. Saying that, I have made it a point to watch more movies this year, now that I have my own laptop and basically every movie is somewhere on the interweb. My favourite movies I've watched the past 2 months are:
Juno - it's a super cute movie, I'm so obsessed with ellen page as juno and michael cera is everything
Scott Pilgrim vs The World - well I had just watched Juno, and I wanted to see more michael bc super mega babe plus this movie was super fun to watch
Moonrise Kingdom - this is probably, although competition is stiff, my fave wes anderson movie, and I was desperate to share its cuteness with my sister, she loved it. everything about it is so beautiful, it's so dreamy and I'm so in love with suzy bishop and sam shakusky, their names are so fun to say.


Annie (2014) - I watched this last weekend with my family and it was so perfect, I had to hold myself back from bursting, I just wanted to dance and sing at the top of my lungs ugh. Quvenzhané is such an absolute cutie, and I've also been obsessed with the soundtrack.

I've been listening to the same music on repeat for basically the past 2 months. I've been listening to a lot of new artists and bands, but I've also been listening to some old favourites so I may have mentioned some of these artists and bands before, but they're so good they deserve to be mentioned again.
The Front Bottoms - this band has easily become my favourite band. They're music is fast-paced and upbeat and their sound and lyrics are so killer. They make me feel all motivated and stuff!! I'm basically in love with every single song I've heard so it's super hard to pick a favourite. The songs I've been listening to the most would be:
 Twelve Feet Deep, Au Revoir (Adios)Lone Star, The Feud, and of course, Skeleton, Twin Size Mattress, and Funny You Should Ask.


Tacocat - I've been listening to Tacocat for a while, but I've only recently gotten properly into their music. They're a pop-punk style band that make the most fun and feel good music, which is perfect for roadtrips or one-person bedroom parties. Favourites are: Bridge to Hawaii, Crimson Wave, and Spring Break Up.

Marina and the Diamonds
- I'm super excited for Marina's next album and heart what she's released so far. I've been listening to Froot and I'm a Ruin on repeat the past week. I also sorta freaked out when I seen she was on Rookie, two of my favourites coming together is quite possibly my favourite thing ever.


Drake - Drake has breathed a whole new lease of life into my being, I have never felt so revived since he released If You're Reading This It's Too Late. I've been listening to him non-stop, all his older stuff too. The songs I've been listening to the most of his are: Energy, 10 Bands, Legend, 0 to 100 / The Catch Up, and Trophies

Ok so there is a whole lot more so I'm sorta just gonna quickfire the rest, I'll try and link their songs or youtube channels, or something relating to these rockin' artists/bands so that you can check 'em out:

Modern Baseball (if you like the front bottoms, you'll probably heart them too!!)
Girlpool (thanks to mattie <33333)
The Lonely Parade, which is Charlotte's awesome band which I've been lovin a whole lot!

All the bands have heckin' amazing band names don't you think? If you have no other reason to listen to them, listen to them purely because of how awesome their names are, although I can't promise you won't totally fall in love with them. 


I feel like my favourites sorta reflect me the past two months. The movies and music are mainly upbeat and some empowering well others are just really fun. I feel that's an accurate representation of myself right now, I'm feeling positive. It's nice. Anyways, I'm excited for this month, with Easter Holidays and a possible trip to England at the end of the month, I'm really looking forward to March. 

*lyric in title: Marina and The Diamonds - Froot

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  1. a moment of appreciation pls for 'what kind of man'!! those films are all killer and thank you for the introduction to tacocat bc ugh so good!! ta for the linkage man, i'm so glad you're liking girlpool!! i'm rlly happy things are looking good at the moment <3 <3 i know trips away are often super packed and rushed but if you have a spare afternoon when you hopefully make it over to england we shld so get a few peeps together and have a lil blogger meetup!! xx

    1. i'm super glad you like tacocat, man! a meetup would be so bomb, we need to make this happen!! thank uUu for the lovely comments always mattie! <3

  2. I'm gonna skip over all the greatness in this post (this is very hard re: Americanah) because Drake and you listed my favourite songs from If You're Reading This It's Too Late; Energy, Legend and 10 Bands. How much of fire is that line on Energy when he's like, "...asking for the code to the wifi, so they all on their timelines and show me bitches that's they friends just to say that they ain't even friends"? That's too true to reality, man.
    We're also obviously on similar wavelengths because I was thinking about Marina this morning and why I hadn't heard any new stuff from her in a while.
    Michael Cera is the one, Chimamanda is a demi-god of sorts and you've reminded me that I have an essay on Jane Eyre to do.

    Glitter Daiquri Bl(ah)g

    1. duuuude, me and my sister literally screamed when we heard that lyric (amongst other lyrics) bc the realness, it's too much. thank uUu khensani!! <3

  3. Love this post!! And I've only heard great things about The Front Bottoms, I really should start listening to them. Also, Moonrise Kingdom is such a great film!!!! Definitely would recommend Rushmore (Wes Anderson) if you haven't seen it yet. And I would also recommend San Cisco for music if you haven't listened to them yet, kinda similar to the jungle giants!!

    xx Alyssa

    1. thank uUu! The Front Bottoms are so good, I'm sure you'll love them!! I've watched a bit of Rushmore and I'm dying to finish it, i'm making that my goal for this weekend! Also thanks for the recommendation, I'll defo give 'em a listen! x

  4. those are 3 of my favourite movies! I've seen scott pilgrim so many times I can nearly repeat it verbatim, it's such a fun movie, I live near toronto so every time I go there I see little Scott Pilgrim landmarks... hah! I've been getting into Girlpool so hard recently, they're so cool and their sound is so unique. and awe shucks thanks for the shoutout :))))


    1. it's so cool you get to see the landmarks, the pure fact that michael cera like stood on those landmarks would be enough to reduce me to a state of hysterical fangirl! And no probz man! x

  5. I love Moonrise Kingdom so much! xx

  6. i like some of those artists as well, gonna have to check out the rest!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle


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