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I won't lie, the temptation to lie in bed with a bowl of porridge and sulk at the terrible start my mid-term has gotten off to is so real right now. One week of no school and I can slowly feel a lil bubble of cynicism threatening to form around me [sighs profusely]. I have told myself not to give in to that temptation and be p r o d u c t i v e, which is why I come to you with a blog post today. 

This is one of my favourite outfits right now, although, I must admit, it has not been worn out of my house yet. 

jumper - momma's closet
skirt - river island
socks - penneys/primark
shoes - asos
I've wanted an A-line check-printed skirt for months now and I picked up this particular one in the River Island sales on St. Stephan's/Boxing Day. It's my favourite for numerous reasons:
1. I got it for super cheap, like €6 I think, and it was the last one in my size. Score.
2. I'm obsessed with the whole ~asymmetrical, A-line mini skirt with the lil slit down the side~ thing it has going on.
3. It's pink!!! A double bonus. It totally gives off those Cher Horowitz vibes.

bag - amazon
 Ok, the main reason I've been holding off showing you guys this outfit was really because I've been waiting for the bag of my dreams to arrive. It took nearly 1 month, but it was so worth the wait, look how so darn cute and ~unique~ it is!!! I'm beyond obsessed with it. I'm so ready for the confused looks I'm gonna get when I hit the streets with this baby, whom I've name Trudy (because it's TWO DEE and the 'r' fits in nicely there) (victory, naming inanimate objects c. 2002).

coat - penneys/primark

In other news, these pictures were taken on my fabulous new camera!! I'm super excited to get back into photography and also to get a tripod and take cool outfit pics with cool backgrounds and stuff. I've named her Iris :')

Fujifilm Finepix S8200

In other other news, at the end of last month my momma booked tickets for my famalam and I to go to the United States of America for 5 weeks this summer!! We're going to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York which I am beyond stoked for!! I've been to America a few times before but I am hoping this'll be my first time properly entering NYC, landing and leaving at JFK Airport just doesn't have the full New York City dream effect, if ya feel. I'm for real so excited to blog about my whole experience and take so many pictures on Iris and my disposables!


Also quickly before I finish off, I just wanna say thank you to Suzie and Vivian for nominating me for the Liebster Award! As I have done it before, I don't think I'll do a blog post on it, but I have answered you gals' questions and the answers are written out in my journal bc your questions were too good not to answer. You guys should check out these girls' rockin blogs though! 


photo credit to my sister for taking the pictures of me
lyric in title: willow smith - female energy 

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  1. OK stop please restore my soul because I think it's in your bag! Good luck for your time in America, I'm so excited to see all that you do and see

  2. dang! what a cute outfit! hints of soft pink are A+++
    Can't wait to read about your summer experiences

  3. Your bag is absolute perfection and I adore your skirt! xx

  4. i'm digging the clueless vibes man, i love this outfit!! that bag is mucking with my brain bc 2d or 3d?!! if you know what i mean, it's the coolest ah. <3 <3 your america trip sounds amazing, i'm so envious!! can't wait to hear all about it. xxx


    1. thanks man!! the bag's so cool right?! i'm super stoked to write all about it, summer can't come quick enough! x

  5. I am loving the high socks with that outfit. I'm so excited you're coming on a trip to America (!!!) New York is breathtaking and such a funky city. You must take loads of film photos.


    1. thank you so much! I'm most excited for New York, man! I definitely will! x

  6. Oops I nominated you for the Liebster award but it looks like you've already been nominated enough times haha. Anyway, that bag is AMAZING! x


  7. I am digging this outfit man!!!!! You are too cute!!! Thanks for leaving that comment on my blog, I am so excited to read more from you on your blog!!! (✿◠‿◠)

    1. thank u so much dude!! and hey, it's nothing, i heart your blog so much!! <3 x

  8. I really like how you put the jumper and skirt together, you look so adorable! That bag is also so gorgeous. I'm really liking your blog!

    melissaknottstyle.blogspot.co.uk xx

  9. this is such A LOOK you look so good, and i love that bag!

    // kani

  10. casually sort of stalking you- this outfit is beauUut and please tell me you've worn it out of the house now xo


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