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I started school today. I was pretty excited to start back. The first school day of the year always feels like the beginning of the new year for me, more so than January 1st. I think due to the illusion of organization and routine that comes with starting school I feel motivated. The "heck yea i can wake up a half hour earlier before school and exercise!!!" sort of motivated. I did that this morning, woke up and exercised. I'm hoping I can stick to it. Also drinking lots of water and green tea is another thing starting school has made me motivated to do, although I need to pee a lot, but it's cool, I feel healthy.

I'm going to the library tomorrow, another thing starting school brings about. I'm really excited because I've been wanting to take out some art books, maybe The History of Art, and some how to: watercolour/sketch books. I'm feeling super artsy, but I'm also being super calculated on how I go about. Not necessarily a great combination. l'art pour l'art - art for art's sake I've been thinking a lot about that concept. I'm trying to let my inner creative free this year, I caged her up a lot last year in fear she couldn't live up to what so many other artists/creatives were capable of.

This is what I wore on New Year's Day. It was pretty simple as it was spent at home with my family + a few family friends. My dress and cardigan were both given to me by my mom. I made the necklace I'm wearing with an old chain I found lying around and a p basic gold ring I had. I also made the Drowners word bracelet I'm wearing using a tutorial from one of my favourite youtubers kianahearts (who was also featured on Rookie :O). I'm hoping that one day that I found someone who shares a mutual love for the Drowners (and Matt Hitt) with me through this bracelet.

dress - mom's
cardigan - mom's
tights - penneys/primark
socks - lil sister's
shoes - f&f
necklace - diy

rings - thrifted
bracelet - diy

I've listened to both Alt-J's albums An Awesome Wave and This is All Yours since I started my homework 3 hours ago. Their music is so soothing. An Awesome Wave brings me back to the early months of 2014. I love and hate that about music. The way a memory, a feeling, can be connected to certain songs.

I have all these blog post ideas swimming around my head and I'm hoping that I'll be less sporadic with my posts. I'm also really excited to start sharing more of my outfits with you guys!

lyric in title; Every Other Freckle - Alt-J

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  1. i so get what you mean about the new school year. your dress is beaut and i love the bracelet! my dream is to be sitting on my own in a cafe or somewhere wearing a band t-shirt and for a stranger to strike up conversation with a shared love for them aww.. one can dream haha. alt-j are the boomb - i've listened to nothing but left hand free for like a month! xx

    1. thank uuUu!! honestly that is the dream, and i shan't give up. somewhere out there someone will have the same music taste as me and when we're besties we'll reminisce about how it was a bracelet/band t-shirt that brought about our friendship! left hand free is so perfect, that whole album is so perfect man.

  2. Ah, cool outfit. I totally need to get into alt-j, everyone tells me I'd love them! :) xoxo I only go to school two days a week-Wednesday and Thursday-but glad you had a great first day back! :)

    1. you should totally listen to alt-j!! i'm also super jealous of you right now because it's only tuesday but i'm already so done with school. thank you! <3

  3. great outfit! hope your school day was fab


  4. your outfit is fab! love the dress! happy new year!
    love, inés

    1. thank u!! sending lots of love and positive vibes ur way for 2015! x

  5. your outfit is so cute and i love your bracelet! i totally feel you on the hoping to make friends through band shirts/bracelets :') hopefully it works
    also, kinda wish i was that motivated for school/exercise haha


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