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Ok, I'm a bit bummed that I'm posting this today (Saturday) instead of Monday, when I had intended to post. I've been trying to stick to some sort of schedule for posting but it is easier to think than to do. With the weather this week being super windy, blustery, gloomy, wet, cold, and just all round meh, plus this whole thing of getting back from school and it being practically night, I'm less than motivated to participate in 'life' and a lot more ready to sleep.

I've seen this picture of the queen Alexa Chung featured in so many Alexa Chung beauty/style/all around perfect person appreciation posts and photosets on the interweb and I was like "I CAN RECREATE THIS!!! I CAN BECOME ONE STEP CLOSER TO BEING ALEXA CHUNG!!!" so that is what I have done. I think this is what style bloggers/vloggers call a 'style steal' or 'stylespiration'.

Alexa Chung aka my mom at the Lou Dalton show on June 15th, 2012 in London. 
Everything about this outfit is killer, her dress, her shirt, her shoes, but none of them as killer as her pineapple brooch!!! 

I'm wearing a blue, white, and black check sheer shirt from Penneys/Primark with a black dress my mum gave me. I was always so scared to wear this dress outside of my house because I feel it looks like a maternity dress (I'm 90% sure it is) but this whole outfit looks so nice with it. Alexa has literally saved this dress from getting lost in my wardrobe.

shirt - penneys/primark
dress - mom's
shoes - asos
brooch - mom's
My lil dainty rings are both from a thrift store. I got like 10 of these rings with different colour gemstones for, I think, €4. I basically wear them everyday. My bigger ring is from Penneys/Primark and my Swim Deep bracelet was made by me.

I ordered these shoes off Asos last week and they arrived on Wednesday. I'm so in love with them, they're super comfortable but really sturdy too making them perfect for school.

shoe brand - truffle
socks - lil sis
My brooch was given to me/taken by me from my mum.


Some pictures I took this week:

My Rookie Yearbook 3 finally arrived and I'm terribly excited. There were so many posts I felt I could identify with over the past year that I'm so excited to have them in written form to look over whenever I feel. 

I've been really getting into pressing flowers and leaves and petals lately.

My phone case is an arrangement of my favourite pressed flower and some pressed leaves off the bunch of leaves I collected on a walk in the forest. 

I went for a walk in the snowy forest/mountains yesterday. It was the most perfect and utterly magical experience I may have ever had. Ever. (except bar the fact I nearly slipped to my death, don't wear converse on snowy forest/mountain walks, kids.)

Honestly though, aren't you getting some major Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe vibes?


lyric in title Santa Monica - The Front Bottoms
all photos taken by me unless stated otherwise 

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  1. your blog is super cute! I love your outfit as well, especially your rings
    If you had a minute, it would be lovely if you could checkout my blog!

    1. thank you so much! i'll definitely check out your blog now! x

  2. Great photos, your phone case and outfit is so creative!
    Plaid Is My Favourite Colour

  3. Great photographs! xx

  4. these photos are beautiful, and i love the outfit! alexa is forever queen, and aw rookie don't even get me started...literally printed perfection. xx


    1. thank you mattie and i 150% agree uGH it's perfect!

  5. ahh i absolutely love this outfit! i wish i could re-create your re-creation of her outfit haha
    also rookie *o* & those winter wonderland-type pictures are lovely


  6. your outfit is so cute! the brooch is beautiful !!
    ohhH mountain/forest/anywhere in nature in general trips are the best thing ever. Hope you will have many adventures there xx

    Ania, nurinek.blogspot.com

  7. I love your shoes! xx

    1. I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog,it honestly made my day! xx

  8. I love you blog so much xxx

  9. Ahhh! I can taste the freshness of the woods in those images.
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award: http://vividimension.blogspot.com/2015/02/liebster-award.html

  10. Wow, you really nailed Alexa!!! I'm guilty of spending 200$ on her skirt from her AG collaboration... whoops :o So I completely understand the obsession. Love it!!
    x Alyssa

    1. i'm obsessed with basically everything from her AG collaboration, I'm seriously jealous of you man, but thank you so much!! <3 x

  11. I have nominated you for the liebster award! (although you have already been nominated, oh well) x


  12. Your outfit is so cute (I love Alexa Chung), and your photography!! Lovely!

    melkebarn.blogspot.com x


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