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Hi hello, how are you all? I've neglected the blogging world for what feels like a year and I apologize. I would have warned about my month long hiatus but I, like you, did not see it coming. I haven't forgotten the blogging world and at least once a day made a mental note to attempt writing something, but I honestly don't want to give you guys half-hearted posts and I feel my posts have been falling on that end of the spectrum as of late. I love writing and sharing things with you guys but a lot has changed with my blog lately, one being the fact that my blog is slowly becoming more public and with that comes people irl finding it. (Sort of mixed feelings about that, but I won't get into that right now). I think those changes, among others, are affecting my blogging style a lot and I'm still deciding if it's good or not. I suppose a major part of the decision lies with you guys as you are the readers of my blog, so tell me what you think of my blog and what you'd like to see and stuff. Style posts (which I pinky promise will be done a lot this summer), thought provoking posts, more photography/art, diys and crafts? Seeing that my summer has officially started I'm ready to start improving my blog so tell me your ideas, feedback, and stuff.

Anyways on the subject of summer, I feel a sense of anticipation for it. I'm not exactly sure why. Every summer, for as long as I can remember, has been spent in another country, or entertaining guests from another country, but this year is different. This year I have nothing to anticipate. I have a kids summer camp that I'm volunteering in for a week, but other than that, nothing is planned. I think that's what's exciting me about this summer. The sort of free spirited and spontaneous vibe that comes with not being overly planned, that's how I feel right now.

On top of the anticipation and excitement there is a strong sense of anxiousness. I'm scared that I may spend my summer doing nothing. That doesn't sound bad to a lot of people, but I'm at a point where in ~finding myself~ I don't fancy the idea of wasting time. I feel like I could channel my passions into some form of productivity. Do as I much as I can, and in the process, extrapolate those things that don't interest me as much, and put more energy into the things that do. I'm hoping that in the 2.5ish months away from the education system, that I could be my version of productive. That doesn't mean 'get a job' or anything, although that would be great right now, but that ranges from maybe having movie marathons with my sisters/friends to going to the library and discovering more books. It's very basic, I want to do anything that I can be truly happy doing. Anything from reading, hanging out with cool people, or sleeping all day.

Here I have compiled a list of things I wish to do over summer or will definitely be doing over summer


Get back into art and venture into different mediums, also improve my sketching skillz.

Watch american horror story season 2 with leah, cause I am an absolute baby when it comes to anything slightly scary.

Go for a walk every morning, cause they're refreshing and morning walks are my favourite. *update* I have walked everyday, bar 3 days, since I've been on my holidays and I would 100% recommend it to anyone that wants to feel refreshed and motivated for their day ahead.

Properly start a journal. One being dedicated to my obsession with writing lists.

Spend way too many days with leah being tUmBlr.

Go to art museums, even though there isn't any near me.

Go to the library and read about interesting topics like feminism and science and history. Not for school purposes.

Use my disposable camera a lot to make dreamy photos that will make me feel nostalgic in a year's time.

Evolve and improve my style, and actually document my outfits and share them with you guys.

Do something different with my hair, maybe twists or yarn braids or have crazy coloured braids.

Do something for charity or some sort of activism or something.

Try and bake everything in the baking book my mum got me like a year ago, but I never got round to using.

Learn to cook new and exotic things. *update* I made beef teriyaki (?) today and I now feel like Jamie Oliver.  

Find a way to make money because getting a job at 15 is pretty much impossible here.

Make crafts. Lots and lots of crafts and diys. Like badges and stickers and jewelry.

Learn how to sew.

Watch endless amounts of Adventure Time and Sailor Moon and other cartoons.

Do some water related activity like pier jumping or a waterfight.

Tie-dye shirts, socks, scarfs, and anything I can really. 

Go on a major money-spending trip. 

Improve my blogging skillz.

Start the Gaisce President's Award, the equivalent of the DofE award in the UK.

Attempt making new friends. (emphasis on attempt)

Get a piercing, like a second ear piercing or something. (My mum won't let me though. Why? you ask. Quite frankly I do not know nor get why, but I'm working on it.) 

Get a henna tattoo.

Do one crazy thing that normal me probably would never do, but spontaneous me would love to do and do it with no regrets. 


I can't really think of a whole lot right now, but I'm sure the list is endless. I really want to accomplish as much as I can this summer and by the end of the summer I'd love to come back and tell you of all the amazing things I did. If you have anything cool I should add onto my list tell meeee and tell me all your cool plans for the summer because I'd love love love to hear them. 

some shoots from rookie that remind me of summer.

full shoot can be find here

full shoot can be found here

full shoot can be found here 
Favourite band at the moment

Swim Deep

Where do I start. From the 90's indie-pop vibes of their music that leave you feeling a slight tinge of nostalgia to their romantic lyrics, this band makes you feel like running through fields of daisy's with someone special. Their song's like 'King City' and 'Honey' have the makings of the perfect summer anthems. These four gorgeously chill Birmingham lads have made me fall deeply in love with music again. Their new album is the background music for my perfectly idyllic summer filled with iridescent bubbles, daisy chains, dresses and doc martins.
King City
The Sea

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  1. I love your summer goals! A lot of them are similar to mine, so thanks for reminding me that I should start doing something about accomplishing them instead of spending the day lounging around watching Orange is the New Black :) Also you have fantastic taste in music, Swim Deep is one of my favorite bands, and you're right their sound is definitely "summery."

    1. Thank you anna! Hopefully we shall accomplish all our summer goals. x

  2. AHS SEASON 2 IS SO SCARY OMG BUT YAS i feel you girl I just got back from an unplanned haitus and I feel so bad for neglecting my blog for so long! Also, just if you want any ideas on the charity thing, you should do GISHWHES! It's the Greatest Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen and its soOo much fun. It clashes with a film academy I might be doing so I haven't signed up yet but I did it last year and it's fantastic. if you make a small group with your friends you'll be paired up with other people from all over to make up a team of 15 and.. well, you should check it out! It's for a good cause too. Love the photos by the way, sorry for rambling xo

    1. I'm such a scaredycat with stuff like that but hopefully with my friend watching it with me I won't have to close both of my eyes. I hate feeling uninspired to blog but hopefully this summer I make up for it! I read up the GISHWHES thing and it sounds like so much fun I really want to participate in it and I think a few of my friends would be up for it too!! Hopefully I can get registered in time! Thank youu for your lovely comment kitty! ily! <3

  3. Sounds like a fun summer! I also hope to delve deeper into art,reading, be more productive, and have more movie marathons. King City by Swim deep was my theme song last summer. Its perfect for walking or driving around in the sun with your friends. :) Also Endors Toi by Tame Impala was another one. I wish you the best summer! Love the photos you posted. :) Can't wait to see more posts. :)

    1. Thank you amelia! I listened to Endors Toi and it's such a neat song, I'm in love with the beats and I can definitely imagine myself running through funfairs and parks listening to this song! x

  4. Your to do list is pretty damn sweet. I've been reading everyone else's lists in an attempt to inspire my own summer and yours is very interesting :) also that rookie photo set is one of my favourites.

  5. i definitely feel you on the whole wasting time thing, and after reading this, i made my own to-do list for the summer
    i love swim deep, thanks for exposing me to them! i love how you describe their music, it's so accurate
    hope you complete your summer list! keep us posted, i'd love to hear all about it!

  6. Stunning photos x

  7. Lovely post!xx
    Keep in touch xoxo
    Antonella ☀

  8. Keep doing what your doing! Recently I have been so Pinterest lately so some DIYS would be great! But most importantly write what you want to write about because hopefully that can keep the motivation going and erge to always want to write. <3

    1. this is the lovliest comment ever omg thank you so much for this, i so need it right now! x


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