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Hey hi hello. It's been terribly long since I've sat myself down and blogged about anything of importance. I'm sorry. I feel like I should ramble on and on about how ~studying~, school, work, or some sort of straining physical labour has taken up all my time, but that would be 100% false. It's sort of a mixture of severe ~bloggers block~ and lack of inspiration/motivation that has kept me from blogging. Anyways, I've done some things over the past week that seem worthy of writing about.

Last week I did an awful lot of money spending, but it wasn't like I broke my bank on things I didn't need, as my long list of 'items that will make me feel a little bit more complete and coOol' is slowly beginning to dwindle in size.

Tattoo choker
Tattoo choker - Claire's
Top - New Look
I have, in fact, been asked if this was a tattoo. I still laugh.

Jellies and Pastel Pink Tights
Jellies - New Look
Socks - Topshop
Tights - Penneys/Primark
 The tights are on the verge of being white sort of, but not quite because of the extremely pale pink hue to it. I love them.

Retro Mom Jeans, Brown Leather Belt, and Green Cardigan
Mom jeans - Penneys/Primark
Belt - Penneys/Primark
Cardigan - mummy's closet
photo credit - my sister
I love the slouchiness of the cardigan and the threads of gold entwined throughout it, that shimmer in the light.
Strappy Heels
Heels - Heatons
These are my favourite, and only, pair of heels. I've been obsessed with the idea of owning a pair of strappy heels for such a long time, but shied away from the idea for fear of taking a step and snapping my neck. But these. These are just perfect, the heel isn't too high and is thick, which makes for easy walking and my neck in one piece.
photo credit - my sister

Anyone that knows me and observes my style, knows that it's a hodge podge of everything, as I described here. I think you can see that in the items I've bought. I can't settle on one style. Right now I'm sort of feeling 3 style vibes.

1. pastel/kawaii princess. The inspiration for this style vibe being the fact that I've been playing my nintendo and ds games like mario, super princess peach, and yoshi's island a whole lot lately. Also the fact that I stumbled upon adventure time the other day, which I haven't watched in like 2 years due to unfortunate circumstances aka my mum cutting off the only channel that ever did up to date episodes. This style, for me, consists of pastels pastels pastels and glitter, stickers and badges, and cute socks and tights.

2. 90's - early 2000's 'i'm wearing your mom's clothes'. The inspiration for this style vibe being the fact I've been watching old tv shows and movies, but not too old, like 10 things I hate about you, and old nickelodeon tv shows like the amanda show, and most films starring amanda bynes cause she was my woman crush when I was like 8. This style, for me, consists of, comfy jeans such as mom jeans, comfy basic tshirts and tank/vest tops, chokers and diy bracelets, and comfy shoes such as jellies and runners.

3. tres chic modern basic, on the verge of being boring, but tasteful. I can't remember where the inspiration for this came from. I think it was from a magazine I read at my piano teacher's house, or some picture off tumblr that's been circulating the blogosphere. It's sort of a victoria beckham/posh spice vibe. It's like plain black/white skinny jeans or cigerette style trousers, strappy heels, sort of oversized white shirts that are tucked in to jeans. It's sort of boring, but it's fun. I use these basic outfit opportunities to go all out on my accessories. Orange nail varnish, dark purple lipstick, seahorse necklaces, bright pink earrings, you can go all out.

I really should start taking outfit posts more often, though it's such a tedious thing for me to do for some reason. I don't know if it's the fact that I'm very concious that I'm posing for a camera, the fact that I don't have a tripod so I have to ask my slightly uncooperative sisters for help, or just the fact that I'm very much a lazy person. Maybe it's all these facts combined, and I just use these excuses to cover them up.

Anyways, yea, last weekend [24.5.14 to be precise] I also went to see One Direction at Croke Park. I sound cool, collected, and calm, but really I'm not. I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest now that the most magical weekend of my life is now over. I was sold 2 tickets 3 days before the concert. It didn't feel real, and it honestly still doesn't. I wrote a whole post about the last One Direction concert I went to, if you want to get an idea of how I feel right now, but multiplied by 879.

Every secondary school student in my town is technically finished school on May 30th, but of course finishing earlier is too mainstream for my school, so I still have 2 weeks left of school. Sort of feeling 2 ways about this. I'm terrified that I'll waste my summer and not be productive, and as unproductive as I tend to be, wasting 2.5 months is currently scaring the crap out of me. That's why I have been writing a summer bucket list. Things I want to achieve this summer. None of the basic stuff like 'lose weight' or 'go to a festival' (even though that'd be pretty cool) but stuff like 'hang out with my friends tons' and 'watch as many cartoons as possible'. I think I'd feel accomplished and productive if I managed those things. I might share the list with you soon enough.

Sort of a long, and very random, post, sorry, so many things cooped up in my head, but it's nice to be letting them out slowly and sharing them with you all.

*lyric in title, 3005 - Childish Gambino aka bae

all photos taken by me unless stated otherwise

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  1. holy cats i love your clothes may i steal them please (i asked nicely so you should say yes) :p
    i can't choose one specific style either, and i love the three you mentioned, especially the first two
    also i'd love to read your summer bucket list, i need some summer inspiration so i don't waste mine either!
    i feel super uninspired and i end school in two weeks two btw, so i know how you feel :)

    1. the first two styles are my favourite right now too! thank you, although i reckon if i gave you my clothes i would be left with nothing, but if i had a double of everything they would be flying first class across to you! x

  2. okay I literally love everything in these pictures! i'm so lusting after some mom jeans but the topshop ones which I adore are SO. EXPENSIVE. i've found some cheaper vintage pairs in beyond retro in brighton but sizing is so difficult in vintage clothes so i'm struggling! i love the strappy heels too! i love all the styles you described, like they are exactly what i'm loving right now too. i'm gutted that my choker has stretched- turns out ebay wasn't the best idea for tattoo chokers when it came to quality! great post <3 <3 <3 ALSO 1D omg i am intensely jealous! I've finally sold my wembley tickets for my *urgh* maths exam the next day which breaks me but i'm glad you had such a good time! it looked incredible and arghh god they're so perfect... i'm honestly at my happiest seeing them live! xxx

    1. thank you mattie! hopefully you find the perfect pair of mom jeans, they're my favourite jeans right now! aw i'm sad that you had to sell your ticket, hopefully you get to see them soon. x

  3. I dig ya on the whole eclectic vibe. I'm not sure what my style is, and I can't even section it off liek you have. I do love your style so much though, and I love the way you said "cigerette style trousers, strappy heels, sort of oversized white shirts that are tucked in to jeans" that is just a wonderful description. so romantic.

    1. thank you sonja, your comments always make my day!

  4. it doesn't matter that the post is a bit chaotic, i think, because it is still very nice to read (and look at - the photos are pretty!)
    i thought about getting myself some juju jellies soon, either the black ones that you wear in one picture or pink ones. would you recommend buying them? i wondered about how they maybe aren't easy to walk in :)

    Lost in my mind

    1. thank you so much, i tend to ramble a lot in my posts, but i'm glad that you still enjoy reading it!
      i definitely recommend buying them, at first it was strange with heel of the jellies as i wasn't used to it, so my ankles ached for a few days, but now i'm used to it and they're a lot more comfortable. the pink jellies are the next on my list to get, they're so cute! i think that i may get the ones with no heels this time around though.

      thanks again for the lovely comment! x

  5. Your outfits are perfect! That daisy shirt is toooooo cute! So freakin jealous you got to see 1D Zayn is mah babeh.

    1. thank youu and zayn is 100% perfection! x

  6. Oh my I looooove the outfits in this post. I mean, look at the tattoo choker! Ultimate 90's kid nostalgia! I used to have these when I was just a little girl hihi :) and the jelly shoes <3 <3 <3 oh god, they are AMAZING!!! I already own two pairs of jelly shoes, but these are even more amazing!!
    Awesome blog, I love it!


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