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Hi, how are you today? I've missed writing to you this past week, but it's been a not so great week filled with quite a few tears, that the thought of sitting down and writing just didn't seem right. I'm not complaining too much because sometimes through the not so fab weeks, you find out things about yourself and the people around you that you may have needed to know or hear. Last week I came to realize a lot of these sort of things, like you can't always be nice to everybody, as hard as you may try, because there comes a point when your tolerance and sanity will wear thin and you'll end up seeming almightily rude even though your head is telling you that they deserve it (when they may or may not) because you feel like they're an almighty annoyance. I've also been made aware to the fact that I am "grumpy" and "moody" and "come across unfriendly" by some people, which honestly has made me angry, but it sort of wasn't bad to hear because now I feel more aware of how hostile I may come across. Though I still don't agree with the whole "moody, grumpy, unfriendly" thing completely though. I've also come to accept that May 23rd -25th is going to be probably the most heart-wrenching weekend that I will have to live through. I'd tell you more, but I'd rather not fuel the emotions inside me that have temporarily subsided.

Apart from my eventful week, I haven't written to you because I feel all annoyed that my blog is lacking in actual photography from actual day-to-day activities. I wish that I could write to you about how I spent my day at the carnival or the park with my friends, or how I went to an afternoon coffee shop gig, or went for moonlit stroll on the beach, but this is so hard to achieve when 1) you're 15 and have to abide by your mother's rules, 2) are 15 and have to abide by the government's rules stating that I have to spend 6-7 hours cooped up in a dreary old building 5 days a week, and 3) are 15, unable to get a license, and lives in quite a boring, monotonous town with little activity. But in exactly 4 days 21 hours and 32 minutes I will officially be released from the claws of education and be free to do what I want for 2 whole weeks! And also in exactly 18 days 1 hour and 58 minutes from now, I shall be jetting off, economy class, to Madrid, Spain! The feeling of excitement is beginning to build up in my lower abdomen and I think I'm going to burst! I can't wait for all the photo opportunities coming up in the next 2 weeks, and I'm beyond excited to share them with you!

Anyways, this weekend was spent taking out every single one of my braids and releasing the lion's mane of curly locks that lay underneath. I fell in love with the look of the curly bush that lay on top of my head that to not photograph it for you would have been considered as rude.

Me being a model and stuff. {choker type necklace - souvenir from Africa

I nearly forgot to ask, are you doing or going anywhere special for your Easter holidays/Spring Break? I think I might write to you all the plans that I have for my Easter holidays, you should definitely tell me yours! I'd love to hear them!

*lyric in title, Paramore - Ain't it Fun

Your excited lioness-like friend,

ps. I am now going to tell you my band of the day on account of the fact that they've been stuck in my head for the past week and I think you might like them.


photo courtesy of google images
I don't know very much about this band, but their music is my favourite thing right now. I love how their music sits somewhere in the gap of the late 90's and early 2000's, giving it such a nostalgic feel. A sort of modern taste into the early indie kind of music. Their upbeat tone reminds me of the background music you might hear in The Carrie Diaries. If your looking for music that you can jump around in your room to, while singing very loudly and off key into your hair brush microphone, then I think Spector's music is for you. Definitely give them a listen and tell me what you think.

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  1. school ew don't get me started... i was so looking forward to the holidays but i'm supposed to be revising solidly for my gcses right now so they're not turning out so great after all. your hair looks incredible and spector are the best! xx

    1. thank you! And i'm sure you'll ace your exams, and plus easter is coming up so you'll have tons of chocolate to comfort you while you study! x

  2. your hair looks so good! urgh school sucks :( omg you're so lucky to be going to madrid! i'd love to read all about it!

    1. Thank you, it looks pretty but in reality it's the biggest nuisance ever omg! I'm excited to be going to spain, and I'll definitely take tons of pictures and things and share them with you guys! x

  3. Ugh school is the worst, I'm so swamped by work right now and it's terrible. I love those pictures of you, especially the second. I saw you posted it on instagram too haha! AND THAT'S SO EXCITING ABOUT SPAIN! I'm going this summer with my family! We're going to madrid and barcelona, but then also to Lisbon, Portugal and then going to Bosnia and Croatia to visit my family.

    I also hope that you feel better after your terrible week! I always make crafts when I'm feeling sad, like flower crowns or maybe collage.

    1. School sucks but the school year is going a lot faster then I thought it would. Thank you and omfg that's a lot of travelling, I'm jealous! I'm super excited about going to Spain to ajshdfjhuix


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