"the earth has music for those who will listen"


This weekend has been quite good, apart from the fact we had Monday off school because of St. Patrick's Day, me and my family just got back from a weekend in Mullingar, about 2 hours away from my town. We went for a christening, and I mean that was fun and all, but I think my favourite bit was the car journey. I love long car journeys, most people feel ill or get restless, but I find it so peaceful. It's the perfect opportunity for me to rekindle my love for the songs that I might have forgotten existed on my phone. I also find myself to be very observant of the surroundings and scenery during a long car journey, taking it all in. This time around I listened to Alt J, Kings of Leon, Lorde, Arctic Monkeys, and the Kooks with a few other songs in their of course. During long car journeys I find I can truly appreciate the musical aesthetics of the songs and their lyrics and I can actually bask in the creativity of the artist/s. We drove through a back road to get to Mullingar so that made the journey quite rustic. We were never on a straight, smooth road for more than 10 minutes. The fields were scattered with sheep and their lambs, and the cows and their calves. At points I wished I could tell my mum to pullover so I could picture the two-toned fields of green and yellow and the distant trees and hills. The journey was over too quick.

This is what I wore to the christening. I think I broke all the rules by wearing a striped cardigan over my striped dress, but that's just who I am. A rule-breaker. I'm also an unorganized person that could not seem to find her white cardigan so through a cardigan that is identical in pattern to the dress she wore. Also, my face looked odd in this picture, and I didn't have any other so enjoy this face, it's saying "hey I hope you can forgive my stupidity, oops"

*quote in title by George Santayana

Ring - aunt's jewellery box
So I didn't seem to unpatriotic, I painted my nails green
and wore my favourite ring. 
Dress - Penneys/Primark
Cardigan - given to me
Pearls - momma's jewellery box
Tights - Penneys/Primark
Shoes - New Look
Socks - Penneys/Primark
On Saturday evening I was sitting in my kitchen minding my own business, when the whole room turned a vibrant red-pink colour, and for a split second I contemplated it being the end of humanity, but I looked outside and seen that the clouds had turned to candyfloss and the sky looked like the sea-blue sky from the Simpsons. It was absolutely breathtaking and I don't think I've ever ran so fast to get my camera!

I want to eat the clouds.

Panoramic view of the sky when the moon came out. Doesn't that cloud look like a tornado or something?
On a more patriotic (or non patriotic, I've not decided yet) note. I didn't go to the local parade in my town yesterday because of the time we woke up to leave from mullingar in the morning, so I watched the parade in Dublin on the tv, while I waited for my KFC. It's a family tradition of ours to get fast food on St. Paddy's Day because we don't really get it too often during the year, and KFC has been the family favourite for a while now because chicken *heart eyes emoji*. 

~V x

    currently/faves at the moment  
Currently lusting after: White block heels from New Look
Currently watching: Pretty Little Liars, the finale tomorrow is going to killl me, i can feel it
Food/Drink fave: green tea and chicken nuggets omfg
Beauty fav: Barry M Nail Paint Matt White, it's so perfect with gold rings

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  1. happy saint paddy's dayyyy! and woo Mullingar! I remember last time I was over in Ireland I was explaining my love for 1D to my cousin matthew and he thought it's be *hilarious* to say "oh yeah, that's niall from Mullingar, right? niall, of course I know him. nice lad" as a joke which I 100% fell for (both irish, both around the same age...).we don't know eachother too well so I don't think he anticipated the tears that came with this fake revelation! I don't know why I'm even telling you this but basically i'm stupid and Mullingar. niall. yup.

    i'm completely the same with long car journeys! they're so good for thinking things through and distressing, too. I love the stripes on stripes! xxox


    1. I know like 5 people who have personal contact to niall, and it's so annoying cause if he wasn't so bloody big I could know him and meet him and stuff! Everytime I go to mullingar I go hoping that maybe niall snuck home and no one knows, and I bump into him or something, but that's yet to happen :( and thank you! i was unsure about the stripes and stripes but I'm glad i don't look too odd x

    2. God that's infuriating! I have so many little connections to the boys too but nothing ever comes of them:( Ahh that would be amazing haha! Noo you look great! I just nominated you for a liebster award on my blog too if you wanna check it out!xx


  2. Your music taste is on point, and honestly I adore the stripe on stripe, it matches but doesn't match exactly but just fits so well together.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! A day late, but the sentiment remains.

    1. Thank youu, I was a bit skeptical about wearing the same pattern but I got quite a few compliments on the day so I have now learned that I shall dress how I like, and who knows, people might actually like it! x

  3. the sky looks lovely, such pretty photos <3


    1. Thank you, and thank you for checking out my blog! I adore yours! :) x


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