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   How are you? I hope you're good, I sure am. Not good in the "happy and elated" sense, but I feel a peace of mind for once. I feel like there are going to be a lot of good changes in my life and it's making me feel good. I will be sure to keep you updated.

Anyways, this is going to be a short letter.
  I've decided to change the layout of my blog posts. I find writing comes so much more easier to me when it's addressed to someone or something. It makes writing more fun for me and not necessarily a chore. I hate chores, unless I'm feeling in the chore mood. (that mood comes ever so rarely.) I am now going to be writing my blog posts in the second person plural form of you. As in a group of people being addressed by one collective pronoun, you. As you can tell, I have actually been paying attention in English and I recently got 94.5% on an English test. I think I may become an English scholar. Hopefully when you see [...], you will insert your own name and see this as a direct letter to you.

There is a downside, due to a personal flaw I feel the urge to delete my old blog posts and start afresh. This is not to say I will do it, but the lack in uniformity is silently bugging me. Even though I'll try my best, I'm sorry if you do happen to see a blog post or two missing. I hope you don't get to upset at my lack of decisiveness. Also have you noticed that I've written a lot more this week? It actually feels very nice. I feel a lot more accomplished and very productive. I've been very inspired and motivated as of late. Hopefully I can keep it up. Alsoooo, I made an about me page! I've been toying with the idea of making one. I felt that if you wanted to get to know me then well,..read my blog (!!!), but then I decided to take into consideration the fact that not a lot of people fancy the idea of piecing together a few things that I disclose through my posts, so I have decided to draw them in with a page about..me. As soon as I get a flattering photo of myself, I will insert it.

This letter wasn't very short, forgive me. Compressing my thoughts into short letters isn't quite my forte. Anyways, this was just to keep you updated on my recent blog changes. If you have any feedback I'd really appreciate it. I hope you enjoy reading my letters to you!

I am now going to brainstorm and craft something for my mother dearest as tomorrow is mother's day here and I completely forgot up until last Monday, and I happened to have no money. Anyways, mother's appreciate gifts from the heart and all that right? This is the current plan for her card,

photo courtesy of Rookie, always now how to get me out of a pickle 

If you have any suggestions on what I should make or do for my mother I would l o v e to hear them! 

Your indecisive friend and the best daughter in the world (note sarcasm),

ps. I though I'd introduce you to my artist of the day
*lyric in title, Dan Croll - From Nowhere
Dan Croll

He reminds me way to much of my pastor's son, and I can't tell if it's a bad or good thing. so I'm settling with not the best thing. 

Thanks to the unbelievable rad Mattie (whose blog you should check out) I have now formed a new found love for Dan Croll *insert heart-eyes emoji*. I genuinely think I've fallen in love. His quirky lyrics, his distinct tone, his ultra mellow but head-boppingly good beats, and just his pure bespectacled hotness. I now totally understand why Mattie went on about him so much, he is just makes me smile so much, his lyrics, his beats, he's just everything. You should definitely give him a listen if you haven't already. I imagine you'd fall in love with him just like I did. 

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  1. thank for the mention haha! i was just like 'oh i love dan croll!' when i read the title of this and then I read the ending! the way you described his sound is beautiful. i know i've said it before but you have such a flair with words! the letter format sounds great but noo don't delete your old posts! if i'm sure i put them onto a draft incase you change your mind, but they're so nice to read! for my mum I always do handmade coupons for things like breakfast in bed and a home spa thing which she says she loves but she never uses! if it wasn't a tradition of ours i'd think it pointless. xxoo


    1. No problem, he's music is just perfect I get genuine goosebumps when I listen to it! Thank you, and I don't think I'll delete them, I just have a weird desire to do it, but I don't think I will! I love that idea, I did that one year, she that it was a lovely idea, but she didn't even use it (!!) but it was fun to make! Thank you for the lovely comment again! x

    (I like the idea of the letters, makes it so nice and personal. it's gonna be fun to read!)

    1. Mother's day is always a stressful day for me, due to the fact that my purse is gathering dust so that means no expensive gifts or anything, but I don't think my mum really minds which is always a bonus, she loves when we cook for her and stuff! Thank you, I think my writings going to flow a lot easier with this format! :) x

  3. nominated you for a liebster! :)



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