"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list.."


I really want to leave everything I'm doing right now, pack my bags, and get out of this tiny monotonous town and travel somewhere, anywhere. Everything is so boring right now. Nothing new ever happens around here. I'm so used to waking up everyday and seeing the same thing. Nothing or nobody's different. It's just your average town, situated in a small not-so-scenic area, where a lot of the people don't know or understand the meaning of adventure.

 I love change. Maybe that's where my love for travel comes from. A change of scenery and people is so refreshing. The idea of being somewhere and every corner you turn there's something new. Something you've never seen before. Some place where everyone looks and sounds different. The idea that nobody knows who you are, you're the stranger. It all sounds so perfect to me. 

If I could travel anywhere right now it would be, as generic as it sounds, New York. I love big cities, any big city would be perfect for me. Chicago, Amsterdam, London, Beijing, even Dublin, which is an hour and a half away from me (!), anywhere that has a large population, that's constantly busy and never sleeping, and is so big that it has that air of adventure about it basically. I think New York is the typical city that automatically pops into one's head as soon as I say those things. 

I've been through New York twice, I've been to the Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island, and I've been to JFK airport in New York if any of those at all counts for being in New York, but I haven't been into New York City. I really want to go into New York City. I want to see Times Square on New Year's Eve, go for a jog through Central Park, hail for one of the famous yellow cabs, shop to my heart's content in SoHo, and, as dangerous and scary as it sounds, walk through New York at it's busiest hour. 

I need a plane ticket to New York now.

*quote in title by Susan Sontag

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Where would you want to go right now?

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Song of the day

I just discovered this song and I'm so in love right now. It's so unbelievably beautiful, it's catchy, and it has a really cool beat to it. It reminds me of Japan, beautifully simply, making my lust to go there so much stronger.

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  1. love this post so much, I love travelling too:) just followed your blog X


  2. You remind me of how I felt before I got to visit Istanbul (was it douchey to throw that it in?) because I always used to figure myself as a city girl, someone with a great lust for busy roads, street lights and active nightlights. Even though all my city experience amounted to trips in town with my mom every blue moon and six seasons of Gossip Girl. And I was totally shocked as to how completely - ew - suburban I was when I had to spend actual time in a big city. Like, it's crazy.
    Anyway, JFK and the Statue of Liberty totally count.

    1. I imagine my first time walking around a big city to feel like something out of magazines and tv, but I'll probably look like a lost puppy, scared every stranger is out to steal my purse, and tripping over my own two feet, but it seems so adventurous and different, exciting. Ps thank you so much for checking out my blog! I'm in love with your's! x

  3. Ahhh, new york is the best. I would love to go to Iceland. love your blog xx

    1. Iceland is on my travel bucket list! thank you for checking out my blog! :) x


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