"Fashion changes, but style endures."


Today, the day I'm writing this, is drizzly and gloomy, but not too cold. The sky is grey and my toes are numb because my mother made me pick my sister up from her after-school Irish club when I had finished school. The streets weren't too busy, and the walk to get my sister was short. I spent my short walk thinking of what I was having for dinner, and the long wait outside her school gates thinking about what I could possibly post on my blog. After talking it over with myself, I have decided to introduce you to my style.

My style is so varied I don't even call it a 'style'. I dress how I feel and by what inspires me that particular day. One day I may dress in all black and gold and channel my inner Audrey Hepburn, and the next you might see me in a maxi skirt and a floral shirt looking like someone who rolls around with flowers. I could go from looking like something that just jumped out of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, wearing my hair in a high ponytail to the side my head with a big purple scrunchie tying it up to channelling my inner 90's rocker chic in leather...well everything.  80% of the time I look a homeless person, but I werk work it. It all comes down to my inspiration (and motivation) for the day. 

My style is not just inspired by only people and I don't limit myself to one particular person for inspiration. I get inspired by the things around me, the pictures I see scrolling through my tumblr feed, the weather outside, the atmosphere in my house, whether that be happy or somber, everything is an inspiration when it comes to my style. When I see the first daisies in my garden beginning to wake up after a bitter winter, I feel like showing them how excited I am they're back by wearing floral patterns. When it's a grey, dreary day, I feel like wearing blacks, greys, golds, dark denim, etc., blending into the tone of the day. When it's a bright and sunny day, I feel like wearing neons and bright colours. When I scroll through my tumblr feed or instagram and I come to an outfit I really like, I'm usually like, "let's see..I have a white shirt, and oh wait, I have a jean jacket too, pair this with that, and that with this, and voilà(!) a perfect, recreated outfit!" Sometimes when I'm bored I go through my closet, take one item of clothing (such as a white shirt or my denim jacket), and search up on the internet how one would style it.

I'm also an avid bargain-hunter and 80% of my clothing are from the sale racks, so the result is usually me 'impulse shopping'. I go out not expecting to get anything, I see a nice black, velvet skater skirt for only 3 euro, and before I know it, I'm at the counter parting with 3 euro in return for the skirt I dreamt about two nights ago. True story. As a jobless 15 y/o school student, I do not have means to be spending big $$'s on a black, velvet skater skirt for 20 euro that I can't wear much due to weather, and won't use forever because I'm still growing (or at least I hope so). Bargain hunting works for me. 

What way would you define your style? 

I'll be posting 'ootd's' whenever I feel particularly pleased with my outfits, or I'm just bored and feel like dressing up, but for now enjoy some style inspirations taken from tumblr and google images:

*quote in title by Coco Chanel 

I think Mary-Kate and Ashley are almost everyone's style inspirations
I love this outfit because it's totally re-creatable and simple 
This outfit looks like something you'd go travelling in
The Haim sisters are 3 of my favourite people right now, like I love them so much, and they've got such unique individual styles
 Bloggers, such as Leanne Woodfull (thunderandthreads.blogspot.ie) who's one of my favs and also a fellow irish, have such a rad sense of style and they definitely inspire me

-V x

Song of the day

Drunk in Love - Beyoncé ft. Jay Z

Queen Bey slays again. This song is my not-so-guilty guilty pleasure. I love it! I feel like Beyoncè when I listen to this song. I find myself booty-poppin by myself to this song.

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  1. this is such a beautifully written post! not many people manage to write about style in a way that makes it factual with everything you want people to know but at the same time make it a great piece of writing in itself, but you so do! It's something that I'm terrible at but yours is a pleasure to read. Leanne Woodful is 100% one of my main style inspirations too and urgh haim are perfect. I also read that you liked 1D and I am so with you on that - I fell in love aged 12 and haven't quite ever managed to let them go! Just followed you and in case you hadn't noticed from this long rambling comment I love your blog! Can't wait to read more:* xxox


    1. aw omg thank you so much, i'm literally smiling so much right now! this means a lot seeing that i love your blog like a lot! x

  2. I really love your blog its very inspiring and I like the way you put your thought in it...!

  3. Your blogs are really good��
    I really like the one about your 'style' and how different things inspire it��


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