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Hi. I'm really not sure how one starts off a blog, but I'm gonna give it my best shot. Well...I'm a 15 y/o tries-not-to-be-typical typical Nigerian/Irish girl, living in an average town somewhere in Ireland. 

I like reading, anything from blogs to dictionaries. 
I like typing, the clicking sound of a keyboard is quite soothing to me.
I like One Direction (ooo aaa, how very typical of you), idc I like them a lot and opinions on this matter are irrelevant to me.
I like walking through refreshing places like forests and beaches. Ironically I live in an urban town and do none of the sort.
I like being wrapped up warm.
I love walking on cold, frosty mornings when the sky is a perfect shade of blue and nobody seems to be around.
I like shopping in the sales and finding a bargain.
I love Haim.
I love travelling, and I plan to do a heck of a lot of it when I'm older (and have money falling out of my ears).
I like the feeling of nostalgia.
I love wifi.
I love when I get into one of those really happy and hyper moods, where everything is funny and life is great.
I love being random and people that are just random.
I like being around people who laugh a lot.
I love reading Rookie Mag.
I like photography, more so looking at it than taking it.
I like seeing old fashion trends, such as fashion from the 70s-the 90s, being brought back.
I like sleeping to the sound of rain.
I like finding new music.
I like reading about feminism and things to do with it.
I love falling in love with unique fashion items.
I love rings.
I love the sky and the vastness of the universe.
I like people that notice the little things in life, like the ghosts of leaves on the sidewalk, and the way the drops fall from tree branches on rainy days, the dim stars whose lights seem to be fading, and the way the dust dances in the sunlight.
I like the feeling of velvet. It's like a soft kitten or something.
I like the look of cute dainty tattoos.
I like the feeling of being a stranger in a different city.
I like when my friends and family support something I do or something I wear.
I love winning.
I love God.
I love finding people with similar interests as me.
I like when people have cool names that mean something like India, or August. 
I like the feeling when you know someone is genuinely interested in what you're saying.
I like rambling, but I'm gonna stop here, because I could probably go on for decades.

Those are a few of my mostly random likes, and I could probably do a post on my dislikes, but we could be here for centuries. Plus I rather focus on the positive things in life and forget the negative stuff. Right?

Do you have any random or weird likes?

Random pictures of things I like from the worldwide web: 

Frosty mornings


One Direction

-V x

 Song of the day

I love this song so much. I feel badass when I listen to it. 

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  1. We have a lot in come cooool! :)

    1. Yay! Haha! I love finding people who I've got a lot in common with! :) x

  2. I like the post
    I love your layout
    plus my name's India and I'm 15 too
    so yeah !

    1. Thank you! I'm in love with your name, I'm jealous of it ughh! I've checked out your blog too and I love it! x


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